List Your Products on a Marketplace

There are a multitude of marketplaces where you can list your products and have them available immediately.

Below is a list of marketplaces by country and region. You can click on any of the links to get more information. Find a marketplace that works for you and start listing there today.


  1. Etsy: Learn how to sell on Etsy
  2. Ebay: How to Start Selling on Ebay
  3. Facebook Marketplace: Sell Products on Facebook Marketplace
  4. Amazon Handmade: How to Get Started
  5. Shop Small Ecomm: A brand new place for small businesses to get online in the COVID-19 pandemic


  1. Bonanza: Tips to Sell Products on Bonanza
  2. Not On The High Street: A guide to selling on Not On The High Street
  3. Register to Sell

United States

  1. Bonanza: Tips to Sell Products on Bonanza
  2. Uncommon Goods: Maker Success Stories from Selling Their products on Uncommon Goods


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